Paul Teutul Sr cries for a dog

Ned Baily

Paul Teutul Sr dramatic crying game and sorrow he expressed for the death of his dog in Paul vs Junior season two was pathetic. This guy got on TV and was crying that he finally had to put Gus away after years of being his pet slave and serving Teutul Sr's idle time. Gus got fed better than the average Egyptian and received better health care than many Americans and this jackass Paul Teutul Sr is crying ..for a fucking dog. Are you kidding me. Reality television blows and this is the only one I can tolerate and to report on and over the years i was always interested in the relationship between Paul and his animals. i am sure he uses his animals and farm as some sort of tax write off for his property and this is what having money will do for you. it enables people to afford more things than otherwise their fledgling business would not otherwise be able to afford. Paul Sr has had trouble maintaining his car collection and I am sure if times will get rough he will just eat his animal collection. The image of seeing this grown man cry for a worthless ugly dog was enough for a few days to watch any more of this stupid OCC shit.It's good to see this show and his ugly mastiffs off the TV screen.

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