Weird Al Yankovic upset at second Al Franken sexual accusation

Clifford Gifford
  Weird Al Yankovic couldn't believe  it . He was looking in the newspaper taking his morning shit when the headlines indicated Al Franken along with the moniker weird. AL Yankovic has tried hard to entertain musical fans and feels deserving of this weird moniker and that the word should be reserved for him and him alone. AL Yankovic does not wish to share this term with anyone especially someone of the likes and creeps of Al Franken.
Al is a sexual predator and from all indications Al Yankovic never groped and forced himself upon a man,woman, or animal. A second woman has come forth to claim Al Franken molested her and calls for the resignation and impeachment of this neurotic and eccentric sick senator for the stupid state of Minnesota is being called. Minnesota shows no shame electing a bad script writer form a misogynist program and outlet that was Saturday Night Live for so many years: A program by the way that rarely featured the talents of one Mr Weird Yankovic. Make no mistake the term weird is a valuable asset and Al Franken is working hard through the years as recent accusations prove to earn this weird as a  nickname as much as a parody singer form the eighties who is as relevant these days as a shoe shine boy. If Al Yankovic wants free press or to see his name in the paper along with weird then he needs to get going pout and imitate these dozens of sexual harasser elites from Hollywood as surely Al Yankovic and other weird Al's in the media have likely bugged a few women here and there all over the place.

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