Michael Ruppert resorts to begging

Ramon Ramos
Michael Ruppert was on his podcast recently pleading with people to donate and talking about his need to relocate. Ruppert thougt it was wise some years ago to go into one of the most remote places in Colorado but now he is feeling the effects of this disastrous decision. The cold winds and snow are making it brutal to survive and he told his podcast audience that the ime is coming and he may be ending his broadcasts for good without plenty of donations. He makes a measly eight hundred dollars from social security a month and about eight grand a year in book and video royalties of his features of the up coming collapse. It seems like the world is collapsing even just for him and I was shocked how little income this man makes buy it shouldn't be surprising how little cable pays for programming in some aspects. I plead with all reading this please donate to Michael Ruppert so he can find a better shelter and habitat to continue the truth broadcasting system and the lifeboat host on the progressive radio network. At last look some lady was doing his show and it was not half as entertaining as Ruppert's dismal views and eccentric neurotic talk. One of my favorite podcast and it would be a shame if it has to end because this geeks stupid real estate decisions and the destructive winters we will be receiving on an annual basis. I imagine you may see Ruppert on the street with his recording equipment and a cardboard sign tied around his neck.

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